A Harlot's Love Affair

by sarkophagus

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syn I absolutely love the way the old timey piano sound fits into the crushing and dissonant guitar chugs on this song. My biggest complaint is the mastering seems to be focused on only the guitar and the rest gets drowned out a bit, also the high end on the vocals could be smoothed out. Overall this is a pretty solid single.
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I've waited so long for you to come, my dear

Your body it glows so pale, and your figure so frail
Now that youre here, spare me your words and give me your lips

I missed you, my heart has ached for this moment
embrace me in this cruel fate
I know your mind lies elsewhere
but so long as you lie with me, I couldnt care
to touch your body or smell your hair
our paths have crossed before
your lips of red i once adored
immersed in passion i once explored
I shunned the fact that you where a whore
but you beauty has been my lore

My dear, I've waited so long for you to come,
I've lived through this moment, your motives unclear
maybe this time youll carress me and rid me of fear
I feel youll take me far from here

Your body it glows so pale, and your figure so frail
You know why im here, so ill pay you this fare

We walk to our room, as I watch you from behind
you turn around to kiss me, as a blade stabs my heart
My love poors out for you, as you twist and tear me apart
her hands dig deeper, now she blows out the lights
her shadow still lingers and holds tight of my heart
i will reside here alone in the dark

I'll be waiting for you In the next life, my dear


released January 24, 2013
Artwork - enmi - enmi.deviantart.com
Production - Marcus Soderberg



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sarkophagus Ireland

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