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syn Harlot, being an instrumental track, sets up the mood for Amalthea. Very unique composition with the waltz break midway through Amalthea then transitioning into the off kilter guitar solo and outro. If you're a fan of music that defies a specific genre classification I would recommend listening to this album.
9/10 Favorite track: Amalthea.
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Comes with Guitar pro 5 tab and 1920x1080 wallpaper


released November 26, 2012

Music - P.J. Mc Tiernan and Kevin Daly
Studio vocals - Connor Reibling
Mixing/Mastering - Andrew Zink (Zink Audio)
Artwork - Felice Melancholie
Art editing - bryan sheppard (Raining Brains)



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Track Name: Amalthea
The Moon shatters this blackened dead sky
As I weave through the woods like light to a fly
Their limbs grow colder with every second, sitting on them are candles luminescent

I have entered a glade, an oasis, in this mechanical desert
Moonlight tickles across my face; its beauty offsets my fears
I think of home, my castle, our throne
Nothing familiar and I'm left here alone

I think of the ones who have cared for me.
Still I stargaze and the Moon it calls out to me.

Amalthea - 'I will be your light, your guide. I will be your protection from the evil here, and, you must know, this city crawls and creeps with the darkest of secrets”

Boy - 'You are the moon that lights this ever frozen glade, Amalthea; I will dance with you tonight

The glass shatters beneath my feet, and reveals a secret dwelling
Light shines down so heavenly upon it; it rests there menacing and glowing
I reach deep into this pit and retrieve a dagger, dubbed the Daegis
It’s steel so cold, it stings my grip,

Tears in my eyes start flowing
They reflect infinitely upon this brilliant device
Once more her words start unfolding

Amalthea - "You must continue Darvaza awaits, the Daegis is our key, through each close door there are a million more, these secrets will all be revealed"

I leave the glades lasting tranquillity, a smile begins to form
Ahead I see the shadow that dances. The spectre beckons me.
My smile disappears,
…..and his starts to widen, Hand in hand we stroll
To the depths of Darvaza