Chapter III

by sarkophagus

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syn I'm so happy to see this band putting out more new music even if it's only a 2 track ep. Their song writing just gets better and better with each release. I would really recommend checking this ep out because it has such a unique sound.
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released July 23, 2013



all rights reserved


sarkophagus Ireland

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Track Name: Chapter III / Part I
I felt all the time that some other world existed, below all that I could see and hear... something deeper, something darker. We emerge from the trees into the strange glowing lights of this new city. A very different city to the one I know...

The towers begin to change. I see colour I have never seen before, that never existed. Like a black hole, I'm dragged towards the dysmal abyss. I tear my eyes from the sky and wish I had not.

An almost deafening sound, created by hulking machines that only ive only now noticed. Gears grind off one another, huge cogs spin, churning, oozing, a terrible melody that echoes through my thoughts

Animals and people, screaming and laughing, They're changing colours like the sky and city surrounding. Grotesque demon's parade through the streets, oil that fuels this great machine. I feel their black and red eyes staring hungrily, as if ready to feed.

The manic laughter slices through my head clearly as the first peal of thunder that shatters the nights silence....
As if he and I are the only one's there...